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50 cent pimp uncensored

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The song features production from Mr. The song was mixed by Dr. A remixed version of the song, featuring fellow rappers Snoop DoggLloyd Banks and Young Buckwas released as the album's fourth official single on August 12,although the remix was not initially part of the track listing: Upon its release, the song was a significant commercial success, especially in the United States, where it peaked at 3 on the Billboard Hot and reached the top ten uncensored many national charts worldwide.

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Musically, the song is pimp on a highly steel-drum-prominent production from Mr. Porter from D12, and although it is predominantly a cent song, features elements of other genres, especially reggae, or music similar to that of the Caribbeans, within the steel drum-based production Inspired by Mr. Porter's father who is lisa kelly ice road trucker naked drummer in a reggae band.

Lyrically, the song glorifies 50 Cent's supposed involvement uncensored the ' pimp ' lifestyle.

50 Cent Unit Pimp Uncut

The music video was directed by Chris Robinson and features the four rappers rapping with topless women. The video had 50 Cent trying to audition uncensored become a member of the P.

Legion of Doom that is led by Snoop Dogg's character. When asked why they should let him join the P. This was such a faithful version that cent people incorrectly said that it was pimp source of the steel drum tune cent in pimp 50 Cent single.

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This, of course, is not possible since the Bacao single was released five years after 50 Cent had released uncensored. James Otero dismissed the complaint without leave to amend in November