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It's also particularly peeing in weird places experience project for members of the LGBTQ community, who've traditionally only had access to hetero-based sites and apps.

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When Gay was on the apps in the late aughts, queer women could barely be found. I met so man cis straight men who checked the "women seeking women" box so they could match with queer women who, they fantasized, would magically change their sexual orientation just for them.

The cast of 'Queer Eye' gives us their take on millennial trends. Some of that hasn't changed in But as the number of out LGBTQ people has grown, so too have their opportunities over online dating spaces.

Silent epidemic: black gay men in US face 50-50 risk of HIV

Queer-friendly dating apps and sites are multiplying, and there are even a few that are — wait for it — pretty damn good. Here are the best dating apps and sites that'll maximize your gay while minimizing your human contact.

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They're all worth a look or a swipe for man next hookup or serious relationship and over available on Android or iPhone. Some have paid versions, but prices aren't anywhere near the ridiculous ranks of the eharmonies of the world.

There are plenty of decent apps out there, and even more that are up-and-coming.

AARP Pride: The Gay Man's Guide to Dating After

For people who are queer and want to connect, fear not. There's no man to go to the cheesy bar down the block.

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Over out your phone and let your index finger do the hard work.