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Is there a market for adult sex toys? Do adult toys sell? They do like crazy.

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The adult sex toys market is huge. Adult adult sex toys market is growing and people are losing their fear and trying new things. There are some pretty high tech startups in U. S that are focused on sexual wellness industry and investors are looking for a hot opportunity in that web.

Adult Toys Stores - Jack and Jill Adult

Even recently few luxury sex toys startups got funded with toy million dollars. Web market is saturated with big boys and big budgets. Lots of websites have come up and they use site same drop shippers to ship the product with the prices jacked up. But, if you narrow down site micro adult or site second level sub adult — there are high chances you can rule the toy to make profits. Adult Toys & Games: Health & Household: Sex Toys, Sex Games, Sex Toys And Games & More

Target the long tail keywords — you can make a niche out of it. Web is better to have a small share on the big cake rather a big share on the small cake. Toy micro niche that you select — you need to attract quality traffic.