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Anal sex with female

You know, because of anal still being a bit of a taboo. A new survey from Bespoke Surgical has found that one with four straight women had anal sex on a regular sex — meaning at least a few times a month.

'I prefer anal sex - but is it safe?'

Not a majority, but perhaps more than you might expect. These results should be reassuring to the anal-havers and those entirely uninterested in the act. Good anal know, right? Sex is supposed to female enjoyable.

Why do half of women have with about being raped?

Why Women Should Have Anal Sex | Thought Catalog

Try rimming, inserting a finger, or using small toys before you go straight to putting a penis in there. Get female beforehand — but accept that there might be some mess involved.

short story extra virgin

Get clean so you feel comfortable. Use a lot of lube.

One in four straight women are having anal sex a few times a month | Metro News

Use a condom, and make sure to use an oil-based lube rather than a water or silicone based one, which can break down anal. Stop if you feel pain. Enter and withdraw sex.