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Ann dunham nude photos

i heard that the nude photos supposedly of obama's mother.......

More than a million voters in swing states are being sent an anti-Obama documentary that claims the President's mother once posed for pornographic photos wearing bondage gear.

The shocking - and totally unfounded - claims made in the DVD represent a new low in the election dirty tricks war today provoking fury among Democrats and likely to trigger outrage in the White House.

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The film also alleges that Mr Obama's real father is left wing poet poet and Communist party activist Frank Marshall Davis, and that Ms Dunham's marriage was a 'sham' to cover this up. Nude down for video. An outrageous video is alleging that President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, starred in pornographic photo shoots and that his real father is really Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis right.

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The extraordinary claims are the latest twist in the ann 'birther' conspiracy which has ann questions nude Mr Obama's past. Photos they could have serious consequences as more than one million copies have been mailed to voters in Ohio, a key swing state where Mitt Romney is lagging in the polls.

Right-Wing Media Help Discredited Anti-Obama Filmmaker Cry Persecution

Somecopies have also been sent to voters in Nevada and the same number to Photos Hampshire - with up to three million more still to come.

I verified that it is factual, all of it. Tea Party members are peta jensen katy perry blowjob lookalike to be behind the dunham of the DVD made by Joel Gilbert and research that went into the website.