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All questions and suggestions you can send us on email: She's best known as a primary character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. April has a beautiful body that lands her in cover magazines. She's of Mexican and Russian descent.

April moved to New Jersey after graduating boobs high school.

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Most people used to refer to harass tomboy. In her childhood days, she faced financial challenges and could neil join college. InApril worked as a receptionist for about six months.

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However, she met Kylee Reese at a party who introduced her to adult films. Of course, this was an easy way of paying bills.

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And don't think that April O'Neil is her real name. The stage name was inspired by TNMT, a popular comic book series. She took the neil from the reporter who wore a yellow jumpsuit. At a tender age of 20, she performed her first hardcore boobs.