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Snake found by our guide the morning we were leaving the reserve to board our bus for a three hour nude to the next location. Not the best image, but this one is the only youngster we saw of the boa. Sanzinia madagascariensis also known as the Malagasy tree boa, or Madagascar tree boa is a non-venomous boa pitt endemic to the island of Madagascar.

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Two subspecies are currently recognized: Adults average 4—5 feet — cm in length, although 6—7 foot — cm specimens are not uncommon. Thermoreceptive pits are located between the labial scales.

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Females are larger than males. Favors trees and shrubs near streams, rivers, ponds and swamps. Arboreal and generally nocturnal, Edwards.

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Its thermoreceptive pits help it to locate its prey. It will ashleigh leave the trees to actively hunt for small mammals on the ground. When females become gravid, their skin color darkens. This adaptation provides increased heat absorption for the developing young.