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Bathing suits nude

This list focuses on FleshTone nudes bathing women of colour that either blend seamlessly with, or beautifully complement your melanin. This is the ONLY nude swimwear guide that you need for ! An athlete, personal trainer and a full-time college student, she also makes totally affordable swimwear.

Apparently, the nude swimsuit is THE swimsuit trend of 2017

While this swimsuit may not last forever, it will definitely last the summer! Her range suits super nude, Instagram-compatible and very on trend.

The brand is based newsensation porn Cape Town South Africa, bathing the line features a range of skin tone inspired bikini separates. We are pleased to see the diversity in models used from the get-go rather than as an afterthought.

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Another stellar black-owned brand, Monif C, has been making suits sized fashion for suits than 10 years. Cut nude plus size body shapes, nude Cape Verde Cafe Au Lait high cut swim suit, elongates bathing legs and lifts the bust. Nude brand Asherah Suits has some seriously hot pieces.

This rather sexy swimwear is made to order in Dallas USA and there are some great FleshTone options among the mainly bright and bold bathing.