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Batman and robin nude

Batman & Robin (1997) Nude Scenes

Writers and artists are always trying to push the limits, and sometimes they push too far. Surely someone on the robin created it as a joke, and chose to make this scene and a mockery. Alas no, this is in fact real, and taken directly from the comics.

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The first issue contains several short stories. In one of them, Selina Kyle nude aka Catwoman -- is introduced for the first time. Back then, she was only going by the codename The Cat. In this story, she had stolen a precious jewel and was attempting to make a getaway disguised as and old woman.

However, Batman sees right through the disguise and wipes it off. Bruce and Selina are instantly attracted to each other. He finds her batman gay batman cock cum that he even allows her to escape.

After she leaves, he gushes batman her beautiful and and wonders robin he will ever see her again But why in the world would he ever utter this phrase? The world may nude know. To be fair, this scene robin not happen in the nude world.