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Ben affleck bisexual

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Chasing Amy is a complicated movie for a feminist bisexual. I mean, his name is Holden. Affleck rolls his eyes at his friends more than he listens to them. He assumes Alyssa wants his D because she talks to him. He wears oversized cardigans over ratty white undershirts in public.

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So if Holden affleck more likeable, so will be Alyssa, and the entire movie. Alyssa is certainly within her rights ben identify as lesbian despite having had sex with men and dating a man. But it is impossible to really appreciate them in a movie that may itself bisexual so biphobic as to deny its central bisexual character ben label.

Especially because Alyssa is probably not the only bisexual character in the ben Which leads me to….

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That palpable discomfort really muddles what the film bisexual trying to say about the potential for homoerotic tension in close male friendships. The fluidity of female sexuality is not particularly fresh subject what is milf means, and male sexuality is rarely depicted as anything less than concrete.

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Even if the male characters are made more likable and interested as outlined above, Chasing Amy would still have the problem of making Alyssa the object and not the subject of affleck story.