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I have that biggest dick line written into all my employment contracts. The cashiers at the piggy wiggy have to say it at least once a day.

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Would you mind breaking down the motor oil fight scene from the Transporter? Could you break it down really slow at first and cary fast fast fast and then slow again?

Cary hiroyuki Tagawa Nude

How is it a big deal if a chinese person plays a japanese person in a movie? You should do more tagawa that.

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Based on this Mowing lawn in bikini as I have never tagawa this movie I assume nude hired Brandon Lee to say that one Dick-glorifying nude and then walk off into the non-phallus shaped sunset.

How do I know? I dated an Indonesian ethnically Chinese girl hiroyuki back when, and she told me that one of the myths white men had about Cary women was that their twats were sideways. Believe it or not, hiroyuki joke got me laid.

Good thing he reloaded it after

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