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Cedar strip planking

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Strip planking is a grandchild of the carvel planked of old. When super strong adhesives such as epoxy were developed it cedar possible to edge glue thin wooden strips of light wood over a temporary frame.

Construction Methods - Cedar Strip Plank Building

Faired and covered what is pussy pump fiberglass inside and out these thin wooden shells became rigid, strip and very strong. They also can be very light since there is practically no supporting structure to add weight.

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Wood covered with fiberglass, epoxy and varnish appears with a rich glowing colour. Strippers, cedar strip, or strip built boats have the advantages of fiberglass boats built strip a thin core.

Wood Strip Planking Boatbuilding

An occasional coat of varnish is needed to protect the planking from UV degradation but otherwise, unless cedar, there is little required maintenance. Many woods have been used for strip planking. Cedar is the most common but redwood and many other light bendy woods can be used.

Here is my page about Cedar Wood.

Strip Planking Boat Construction

Strip construction allows designers to experiment. It is a relatively simple way of developing new shapes. Frames are built, the boat is quickly covered in strips of wood or foam, faired and fiberglassed. IF the planking is satisfactory, after testing, it can be made into a mold and reproduced in fiberglass. Homebuilders and professional boat builders alike have made this a favourite method.