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Choking feeling in throat

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Swallowing difficulty

Asked for Female, 34 Years. I got a bad cold 3 weeks ago and while it seems the infection part went away, I feel like i still have a "choking feeling" in my throat though it isn't constant.

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I still feel phlegm in my throat however I am able to swallow with now problem. I am able to breath properly as well and am only coughing to clear my throat. Answers 1 Like the answers?

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You might be suffering choking post viral cough which is a common type of throat cough syndrome after an attack of viral upper respiratory tract infection. Usually it will resolve on its own within few days. You can use strepsils like lozenges, dry cough syrup and steam inhalation for faster recovery.

Consult nearby ENT specialist for confirmation of diagnosis and appropriate treatment if required.