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Chris brown pencil dick

But see NOT all black guys have those monster dicks.

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This could be pencil. If it is, this a brown attempt at trying to get back into the public eye! Unless Chris denies tht is him,I believe it is.

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Hell Yea I had a Bf Smaller than that and it was still the bombest sex chris Size doesnt matter its how yu use it ; haha But Tht aint small i seen smaller and lmao. I see nothing wrong with it.

Whats with the Chris Brown has a small penis talk?

A lot of these people who are bashing the size either have a small dick themselves or they are not sexually satisfied in their life. I think it is cute dick of the guys on here lookin…probably arent half that length…stop hatin on dat man…i bet he can go place and average man only dream of……i love u Chris You are all idots the dick is pencil. What do you want brown foot long freaks god eight inches is plenty.


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