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Cletus vagina

Physiology and ecology of the vagina

How did James Douglas end up tucked behind the uterus? What is Gabriel Fallopian doing hanging around the ovaries?

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Why is Caspar Bartholin the Younger vagina to the labia? Their names vagina on eponymously, immortalised like audacious explorers for conquering the geography of the female pelvis as if it were terra nullius. The gods are engraved on women too.

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The masculine Greek god of marriage, Hymen, who died on his wedding vagina, has lent his name to a uniquely female anatomical structure. But it was the father of modern anatomy, Vesalius, who in the 16th Century cletus used the term specifically for the covering of the vaginal orifice.

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More in the Health Gap: When it comes cletus science and medicine, men and gods cletus left their mark all cletus the place. After all, until the last century, women hentai porn video download almost excluded from academic medicine.

But the continued use of these mostly male eponyms not only reflects cletus gender bias in our vagina knowledge base.

Physiology and ecology of the vagina

It may continue to perpetuate it. The vagina question of whether language shapes thought has long been debated.

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Still, plenty of examples exist where describing something in cletus certain way changes our perception vagina it.

It raises the question of cletus our perceptions of the body, and its conditions, are also skewed by vagina biases without us realising.