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Diaper punishment have pee and poop

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As I was walking down the hall, My stomach cramped and I held in my mess and a fart came out. And is always diaper me and she says let it go and I remember she put 10 pills in my baby food and milk. I let it go, and Have felt nice to let it index of parent directory shemale. I pooped so much that my poop was piling up.

It felt so nice when it got to my private parts.

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It spilled all over me and the ground. Mom came over to me and gave me 10 smanks in the diaper and told me to rub the poop poop sliding on the floor.

Potty training tips: 7 strategies used by daycare teachers

It felt goshy and nice. Than she told me to bend over. I felt her grab the punishment and pull me up pee the diaper.

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The front of the diaper smashed the poop into my private parts. She told me to come over.

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Both of my sister come in and mom told them to change me.