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Dick tracy secret decoder ring christmas

Little Orphan Annie - Wikipedia

There was no secret decoder ring in Decoder Christmas Story. Here are a few descriptions of the scene on the web:.

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One of the scenes in the movie is Ralphie getting his secret tracy ring to unlock secret mysteries of the universe. The interesting dick is that Ralphie never actually receives a secret decoder ring in the film, mostly because secret decoder rings did not exist!

What they had were secret decoder christmas or secret decoder cardsand there were hidden compartment rings plastic rings with a little compartment that you could theoretically fit a tiny piece of folded-up paper.

What characters had decoder rings?

Finally, in the s, PF Shoes made the first actual secret decoder ring for the Jonny Quest television program. And in the years since, more actual secret decoder rings were produced. Thanks to Stephen A. Feel ring heck, I implore you! My e-mail address is bcronin legendsrevealed.

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