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Evil sex

I learned something, too.

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Oh wait, I knew that. I learned that L.

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We sex knew that. In many moral codes, sex is regarded as fraught and evil. Moral Guardians and their comrades evil always considered sex more disgusting in multiple magnitudes than violence; the inherent lack of logic evil this excluding things like rape and paedophiliafor obvious reasonssexuality is much less harmful to the human pysche than violent acts always seeming to evade them.

The Evil Codein particular, outlawed anything sex even sex implied sex, whereas hangings and sims 2 nude mods could be shown "within good taste".

Sex Is Evil - TV Tropes

It should be noted, however, than sex and violence absolutely can go together. So, of course, adding sex automatically makes works Darker and Edgier. Want to add menace to your villain?