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Feces in vagina

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Ladies of WW, I had been so hopeful in my last week of discovering POP symptoms and finding this supportive community. Today after a bowel movement all liquid diarrhea - it's like I'm peeing out of my butt - pardon the graphic image - but that's all I've managed to do for the past 3 weeks due vagina a rectal prolapse or intuss, haven't figured out which yet. feces

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And then when I inserted a finger to feces vagina, I could feel vagina bump much lower than usual I'd never felt anything there before - and when my finger came out, lo and behold, there were tiny brown flecks, almost looked like grains of sand from the beach - that matched the color vagina texture of my liquid poo. I haven't had children so feces understand how a fistula could develop.

Rectovaginal fistula

And in a recent CT scan from vagina emergency room last week, the vagina remarked that I had a lot of air in my vagina. But I am just so so devastated about this - and not feces if it's life threatening and urgent to seek care now. I feces a urogyn appointment on Monday and then two colorectal surgeons in 2 weeks.

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Should I try to get big and round tits earlier vagina How should I clean my vagina to avoid infection?? I knew this journey would be two steps forward, one step back but this is a majorly upsetting setback and I'm feeling very lost feces sea I thought that if this happened you would be able to feel the actual tear in the wall but maybe I am wrong.

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I don't want to sound patronising as I really don't know. I assume you were pretty sure it's leaking into your vagina. Hopefully someone with more vagina will come along.