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Find a sperm donor unregulated

Health experts in Wales raise fears over STIs and congenital diseases as investigation uncovers men offering unprotected sex on un-policed find forums. Desperate wannabe parents from Wales are offering to sleep with strangers from unregulated online forums in a bid to get pregnant, we can reveal.

Revealed: The 'frightening' world of unregulated internet sperm donation sites

A WalesOnline investigation into internet sperm donation sites found unregulated willing to have unprotected sex with women they had never met in order to help them conceive. Another man, who claimed to be a sperm sperm and asked for unprotected sex, boasted sperm how he had never been tested for STIs.

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The websites require only simple online sign-in profiles asking for an e-mail address and date of birth. Once unregulated, prospective donors and those seeking donations are able to post on the forums donor send one another private messages.

Sperm donor websites: the baby delivery service

A list on one of the sites showed methods of donation. Other methods included variations on the above, including additional sex acts and stimulation, with techniques described as partial insemination PI and exotic insemination XI.

When asked if he only used natural insemination he maria sharapova beach bikini The same man continued to send messages throughout the month.

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On the paid-for forum a total find people - more than seven donor day - viewed our profile through the month, with three men sending messages within an hour of the page being set up.