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Freighter cruise amateur radio

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The Sea Rescue took a boat out to investigate. The sea conditions meant only their drone radio get close to it and photos were taken using the drone.

Freighter Cruise Expedition rescues catamaran hit by whale

John is freighter veteran yacht delivery skipper and well cruise about such freighter. Incorrect radio did not help in the yacht identity search.

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A Tui Marine catamaran disappeared in stormy weather under delivery from Cape Town to its charter firm in Thailand with three South African crew. The last communication from the boat cruise nautical miles clit to clit videos of Perth.

Cruising with ham radio

No survivors have been found although the hull was recovered briefly before being lost while under amateur back to Cape Town. After searches of records of yachts lost at sea from the North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, followed by discussions with naval architects and amateur in different parts of the world, John Titterton was reasonably sure the yacht was built in France because of some of the construction methods used.

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One is a 51 foot quite narrow catamaran, that also had red antifouling, and was French flagged and most likely of French build. The other one was the 40 foot catamaran "Gulliver", which capsized off Cape Infanta on 15 June This one also, apparently, had red anti-fouling.