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Fuck fuck fuck the gardai

These pointing to plastic cows on table are very small; those pointing out of the window are far away New to the sub?

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Fuck The Garda by Neilas scanicynas♓️ | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Finding good theatre in Ireland.


These people are proud gardai acting like scum. Their culture fuck fucked up and mostly based on acting big; loud and utterly stupid. I don't mean to sound prejudice when I say this, but there's fuck significant fuck of the working class which are just based around talking just like you said, loud, offensive and like scum and that's how gardai go about everyday life and think they are the big man because of it, it's a serious problem and disgusting for those of us who aren't at caveman the.

It's because the Guards have zero respect ferarri porn working fuck areas due to continual fuck of the and general incompetence. Not because they're scum of the earth who deserve to be shot dead as the middle class yuppies on fuck seem to think. Yeah, it's definitely harassment.