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Glee nude pics

Nude Morris probably isn't feeling too gleeful today.

The Girls From Glee In Their Underwear

Nude Glee star is apparently the pics celeb to fall victim to hackers after a series of racy photos purportedly of the actress or someone bearing a remarkable resemblance leaked online yesterday. The scandal comes glee the heels of photo leaks last week involving Christina Hendricks glee Olivia Munnwho both indicated that nude all of those pics were legit.

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The images include a series of salacious cell phone self-portraits, in a variety of the barbi twins nude. Some photos feature her parading around in two-piece athletic gear. Others show her modeling a variety of outfits, including a skimpy "I'm a Slave 4 U" bikini similar to what Morris wore in Glee 's famous Britney Spears episode.

Glee (2009-2015) Nude Scenes

According to the site CelebSlamwhich first published the images, a tipster sent the photos. The site claims they're legit, citing a tattoo on the woman's back that matches one that Morris has flashed in previous photos. Morris is no stranger to au naturel photos.

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Inrevealing snaps pics a pre- Glee professional modeling shoot found their way online. The star, however, took the release in stride.

For me, I think they are beautiful. Pics not something I'm ashamed of.