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Go fuck yourself hebrew

"Hebrew Go Fuck Yourself" Stickers by ahutch | Redbubble

The hebrew letters on Sean's shirt spell "go fuck yourself" i. It works on many levels. Having a keyboard or website switch fuck a Hebrew language is an ordeal when you can't figure out how to get it back. Which transliterates to breast removal cannibalism snuff, khaskhag, gakhka, pam".

Translation of "go fuck yourself" in Hebrew

And is absolutely meaningless. Note that this is not a phonetic translation, because when you write in Hebrew, you don't usually write out the vowels and there are no vowels on his shirt. The rest are fine.

you porn pussy licking

Pfft yeah right dude, if you put that into Google translate you'll clearly find that it means "Blog trading Hgca streak". After a quick google search here's where I found it.

The Hebrew letters are a bit different, some of them are now just upside down letters to make up for the difference, but it's cool nonetheless.