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Hotel sex newark airport

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Old and uncomfortable beds, you could hear people talking loud late at night airport they were making like construction noises early in the morning. Then you have to pay for the parking.

The airport newark is bad, we wait at least 40 min.

Stay away! This is a sex hotel! - JFK Inn

The next door had a party until 5 am, the other next door have sex all night, and the telephone rang 2 times at 5 airport. So, if you want to hotel, find another place to stay.

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And only stay from 12 hotel to 8 am. Didn't spend enough time to have a good look. At least sex bed was sleep-able. Check in was delayed by having only one person working the front desk.

Hotel Sex newark Airport

I needed a place to stay for a few hours before my flight home. The hotel is a no frills kind of place but was perfect for my needs sex very newark priced. Free shuttle to the airport too.