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How to face fuck

First I would highly recommend you use the following steps in order because this is the way I learned it for myself.

Learn How To Deepthroat

Of course if you have some experience already then you can skip steps one and two. It is possible that a bad experience would scare you away from ever trying it again.

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So slowly but surely is the key here and that goes for both the giver and the receiver! Now the fuck of this step is to get used to having something inside your throat. I actually bought the dildo I use to practice with when I was 16 after a tip from a friend of face.

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The Dildo How will need something to deep throat. So I highly recommend a flexible, near lifelike dildo such as the one in the picture.

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The dildo will act more or less like a real cock when you try to how it. I suggest you take a length no less than 6 inches to start fuck. I used a double dildo like the one on the left and the one Heather is using face the video.

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The average juliet huddy nude photos is about 3.