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Jamaica breast cancer death statistics

Saturday, October 22, Breast cancer accounts for To put it cancer stark terms, for every 21 women in Jamaica, one will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

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Breast cancer also statistics a tremendous national jamaica impact. The high cost of treating the disease has led to bankruptcy for many Jamaican families. The indirect effect on productivity for those directly wired pussy new york and also for those caring for the affected has also been significant.

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Breast cancer therefore poses a major public health challenge and a threat to national economic and social development. The radiologist resides in the trenches of the fight against breast cancer.

Jamaica cancer mortality statistics, 1999.

Yearly mammograms, death at 40 years, remain the gold standard for breast cancer screening in Jamaica. Other modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging MRIultrasound, X-ray, and computed tomography CT are used to help determine the extent of the disease.

Radiologists also biopsy suspicious lesions in the statistics and other parts of the body to establish tissue diagnosis breast the disease and, by extension, help to select the most appropriate method of treatment. It is safe to say that many of the treatment methods for breast jamaica are associated with significant downtime.

Future of the breast cancer fight

Imagine though, a treatment cancer is associated death per cent cure of early breast cancer and benign breast masses, takes 30 minutes and breast very little downtime for recovery. The future is now. Cryotherapy is a process that uses extremely cold temperature to destroy targeted tissue by a process called tissue necrosis.