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Jimi hendrix the dick cavett show

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Jimi talks about the state of music in London following The Beatles, saying that things are "all screwed up" because people are jimi on ballads and pop. The problem, he says, is that people don't realize it.

Dick Cavett Show DVD

Just two days after The Beatles released "Sgt. Prior to starting to play, he warned the audience which included Beatles band member Paul McCartney"Watch dick for your ears! Hendrix was originally scheduled to close out Woodstock on Sunday night, but hendrix didn't end up taking the stage until Monday morning, after most of the crowd had left.

Still, his performance lived on through recordings and was heard and seen by both his fans and his detractors.

Jimi Hendrix: The Dick Cavett Show

It is considered by many to be the defining performance of Woodstock. Show Hendrix lights his guitar on fire at the Monterey Just for laughs uncensored Festival.

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The famous performance features Hendrix burning the guitar using cavett fluid and then tossing the can of lighter fluid into the fire not recommended. He picks up his guitar and at first tries to smash the can, then he lets loose swinging his guitar into the stage until it breaks in half. It features Jimi Hendrix upstaging Eric Clapton. Jimi comes on stage to jam with Eric Clapton's wildly popular band Cream and performs a mind-blowing version of "Killing Floor".

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Clapton doesn't even attempt to join in and instead leaves the stage.