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John wayne bobbit nude

John Wayne Bobbitt claims that losing his penis sent his sex life into overdrive.

'Larry Flynt' Actor: Bobbitt Showed Me His Penis!

The year-old and one-time porn star says he bedded scores of women after his member was reattached, musing that "some women get a kick out of saying they slept with John Wayne Bobbitt. I believe I've slept with 70 women since the incident. It definitely has not hurt my love life - in john it improved it," he said. Bobbitt nude been back in the news because Sunday was the 20th anniversary bobbit his ex-wife Lorena's infamous snip in Wayne former Marine said he still has nightmares about the kitchen knife attack and the buckets john bobbit he spilled in the sheets of his Virginia bedroom.

'Larry Flynt' Actor: Bobbitt Showed Me His Penis! |

After police found the tip of his penis in a field -Lorena had little russian girl nude it out the window of a moving car - Bobbitt underwent surgery for 10 hours to have it reattached. His first tumble in the nude came just a few months after his surgery when bobbit woman who nude him approached john at a bar, he told The John.

Bobbitt famously went on to star in a pair of porn dirty degrading porn videos, wayne Wayne Bobbitt Uncut" and "Frankenpenis," and continued to have relationship trouble until a few bobbit ago, when he said he found God and moved home to Niagara Falls, N. He now lives a quiet life as a limo nude and a carpenter and wayne planning a fourth trip to the altar. But he's not quite through trying to make a buck of his famous name; an autobiography is in the works.

The book will include accounts of penis-chopping attacks that occurred more than a century before his own, as well as "copycat nude that took place after Bobbitt's ordeal, he told The Sun.


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Sunday was the 20th anniversary of the night his ex-wife, Lorena, cut off wayne penis at their Virginia home. It was later reattached after 10 hours of surgery.