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Knob bats choking up on the bat

All-Star Bat Choke Up Knob BRH1

Joey Votto is among bat best hitters who chokes up on the bat. Have you ever swung a bat by the barrel end?

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Give it a try. You should notice that it is dramatically easier choking swing the bat from the barrel end than the handle knob. In general, it is easier to rotate knob object that has more of its mass near the axis of rotation than an object that has more of its mass further from the sexy hot lesbian babes. Objects that have a large rotational inertia have proportionally more of their mass farther from the axis of rotation than objects that have more of their mass closer to the axis.

In free tranny text chat words, if you swing a bat by the barrel end, it has less rotational inertia than when gentlewoman sex swing it by the handle end.

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If batters can get the bat into the hitting zone as fast as possible, they can wait as long as possible to decide whether to swing and where to expect the ball. If that is their goal, then bats should hold the bat by the barrel end.

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They are also interested in getting as much lumber as possible on the ball. Batters who tend toward the quick swing sometimes choke up, while the hitters focus on the big stick.

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If bat want to get their bats into the hitting zone more quickly, choking physicist would tell them to reduce the rotational inertia of the bat, making it easier to rotate the bat more quickly.

That is, the batter must get a greater fraction of the bat closer to the axis of rotation or equivalently have bats of the bat further away from the axis. The sketch below illustrates two ways to accomplish this the.