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Like a virgin and german

Like a Virgin is the second studio album by American singer and songwriter Andreleased on November 12,by Sire Records.

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Following the success of her self-titled debut album, Madonna wanted to become the record producer of her next album. However, her label was not ready to give her the artistic freedom and she chose Nile Rodgers instead to produce german album due to his work with David Bowie.

Like A Virgin (reissue)

Madonna wrote six songs on the record, five of which feature Steve Bray as a co-writer. Rodgers enlisted the help of his former Chic bandmates Bernard Edwardswho was the bassist, and Tony Thompsonwho played drums. Jason Corsaro, the record's audio engineerpersuaded Rodgers to use digital recordinga new technique introduced at that time.

The album's photographs were shot by Steven Meisel.

Like a Virgin (song)

Madonna wanted the virgin title and the cover like to make a provocative link between her own religious name Madonna, as the Roman Catholic title for Jesus' bareback big uncut dicks 6 Mary, and the Christian concept of the virgin birth. While not a substantial musical departure from Madonna's first album, she felt that the material from Like a Virgin was stronger.

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After its release, Like a Virgin received mixed reviews from music criticsbut was a commercial success.