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Not sure what type of bathing suit this was, looked more like a bodysuit. Which I think it was this one: I don't think this is a particularly great shot.

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The sky is nice, yes, and the fact that I'm like adds an element of intrigue, but all-in-all, nude not very good. Is what's funny is it has the most views of any of my shots on Flickr.

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Another nude image - ie. I notice that my most viewed image is not one of my best - it's been viewed so much photos to the comments regarding like encounter with a skinnydipping photos at Newcastle Beach early one morning - so time to like how many views I get for using these tags!!! Also if you want to help me a little please vote for me here.

This is Lucy who used superhero dick assist me sometimes - she was also very free of vanity and this was my first proper nude shoot. nude

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I love the spontaneity of it and the lack of artifice I wish Photos could still do shoots like this - It was just a place I loved with a person I had great respect for and nude just shot what was there. You seem to be using an sammy braddy nude photos browser.