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Marcus allen penis size

Here is NFL legend and true cocksman Marcus Allen with a Latina, but i guess i can forgive him for hanging with her, but he penis true legend when it comes to pimping, he has had so many hot blondes even HEF is jealous he also is one of the main Reasons OJ killed Nicole because Nicole was hooking with Marcus while her and the Juice were married.

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Yeah, I knew a chick who rode him out and she said he was hung like a jirina pussy shots. So I think him and Blonkey should hook up. I played football for 15 years of my life and have been around plenty of dudes in the shower.

the RHOBH explosion: OJ & Marcus Allen

What is terrible for black guys, is that everyone expects them to be well endowed. It must be difficult for most that size not. I forgot to mention, I am white and a former model allen yes, penis love hung black men size penis get too worked marcus guys, because there is size the traction devices out there so dont fret.

I know for a fact he doesnt measure up to Mandingo the black porn star.


There is no penis in the world that compares to that one because I have been with him…it was back in the mid 90s before he got into porn. I serviced him with my bare feet also, many many times.

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Allen once compared the lenght of his penis to one of my feet and it was longer…hands down, and I got a big foot for a women. Nancy is strange marcus. Her face looks like a German Shepard. And her man is marcus Latin, not noodle.