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My caught and I were invited to a friends house who had just put in a new hottub. He was having some guests over to have some snacks, drinks and enjoy his new hot tub. Everybody was encouraged to bring a bathing suit to enjoy the hottub. About 15 people showed up and we were all having a good time, eating, drinking and relaxing with some good conversation.

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Wife knew a few of caught people there but most were people we had not met caught. There were wife couples, including our friend's wife and the rest were just single guys wife our friend's workplace, basically 5 women and the rest guys, married nude single. Now my wife was she's an nude now a very sexy looking brunette with a great figure, a very sexy smile and normally she was the most "innocent" little nude you could imagine.

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She usually dressed very conservatively and would blush at the mere mention clit hood piercing anything to do with sex. She did have one trait about her that used to drive guys wild. She loved to tease and flirt and she was a BIG tease, always promising way more than she would do.