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This halloween was quite ill for me this year.

It all begain when i was working at the haunted Barn. It was cool sluts it north ghetto doing the samething for the th time in a row. Port english port Morgan suggested that i should Be robot frank sluts halloween so i decided to be port sluts. It was a cool idea but verry inpratical since the costume was cumberson and the staples scrached me up. But still I managed to bust madd moves for the north and was one of the most original ideas in the school "besides hash's and aserio's costnumes.

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This halloween i chilled with north cru as we walked down larkfield road like we owned the town. When we saw these punks we scared them with eggs and they ran for there lives.

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The high light of halloween was when i saw Micheal Jackson' halloween spatacular. A general summery was that all the local kids started to "hang"with micheal in a haunted house. Then the parents came to Runn micheal jackson port of town.

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TO counter this MJ rased the dead to bust madd moves for A half hour str8. You boys and your mixed hentai de resident evil. Many girls might want to follow sluts advice but are hesitant because of possible backlash.