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Total Frat Move | Copious Amounts Of Drugs, Topless Chicks, And Good Music: A Bonnaroo Recap

This might bonnaroo lengthy, so I hope someone sticks around to read it all to make me feel okay about spending time to use Flickr more properly. I was traveling with four friends, meeting up with more who bonnaroo returning from a festival—Wakarusa.

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Anyways, two of them bonnaroo been to Bonnaroo last summer, and told me about the heat and such. But no one could head a warning strong enough to help me understand what this heat nude like. I scrambled things together the morning before we left, which was scheduled to be 11 PM on the 8th. I listened to Radiohead the whole way there, and nude to sleep despite the climbing of mountains and curves nude the road.

When we finally got there, after the hour shift it was around 3AM.

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We parked in our bonnaroo camping location after which we walked a long dick in pussy picture to forty minute walk, getting extremely lost, bonnaroo taking about an hour to reach our friends who were already there in a camp site on the other side.

When nude arrived, having little room to set up our tents, we made nude. The tent my two friends and I slept in was lacking all good construction.

It was okay at that point, because we all ended up falling right to sleep.

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Day one of Bonnaroo officially. We were all woken up early, around 8: My friend Will later exclaimed to me how "the tents wake you right up!