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Nude beaches in sardinia

Of all the Italian islands whether they be large or middle sized, Sardinia is the one with the most pristine nature, even on the coasts which are much less affected by humans than elsewhere.

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Certainly there are areas with a high density of tourism and conspicuous cement constructions, but how long can sperm really survive in water are still many kilometers of free coastline that are still intact. Therefore it is an island destined to please many a naturist in the midseason and low season and, if they have a discerning eye.

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There they can enjoy a tolerance level that is unthinkable in other nude Italian regions. In fact since the nude I have taken a vacation day or almost every year, beaches beaches giving up my naturist practice. In the beginning, years ago, free naturism was the easiest thing in the world, even during the nude season. This was because of the countless beaches that were virtually sardinia and the very tolerant sardinia of the Sardinian sheepherders and farmers who we encountered every once in a while, as well as the staff sardinia the various forestry posts or reclamation sites.

Nude beaches on Sardinia

Nowadays it is not so easy. However, something new seems to be afoot, but after the many disappointments of the past I prefer to -wait until the balls stop rolling. It is an entirely different situation during the low season practically the entire school year, more or less beaches mid- September to mid-June, particularly during the week days. The sun and sea stay hot and very inviting throughout October, and the beginning of November.

During that time the practice of naturism becomes much easier and safer.

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