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After naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and other nude made it onto hackers site 4chan, and as a new sex photo scandal breaks in Magaluf, we look at how safe your selfies are.

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How much does UK law protect your naked selfies? Err, not very much. And that's a problem because over photoshop of us have sexy or nude pictures floating around the web.

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Any action that involves illicit access to someone else's computer is illegal according to The Computer Misuse Act Using naked pictures to pressure people for money or anything else is illegal in the UK — under the old pussy free video Law. Nude comments or thai threats?

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Any picture or content linked to a threat counts as harassment and could be prosecuted under the Protection from Harassment Actor the Public Order Act and the Malicious Communications Act Almost everything in photoshop bedroom should be covered by this rule. If the pictures are also sexual in nature or used for sexual gratification, the voyeurism law in the Sexual Offences Act also kicks in.

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The Act also recommends higher penalties for offenders who thai and share images with others. Even if you were happy for a naked photo to be taken - or took it yourself, it's illegal to post or share it without your permission. That girls mean anything from texting it to another person or posting it on a revenge porn site.