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Nudist beach lake tahoe

Tahoe Nude Beaches: 5 things I learned from my trip to the naked east shore. - The Tahoe Journal

I f lake would have brought up the idea of hitting up a tahoe beach to me, say—er—four months ago, you would have most likely been bombarded by some combination of the following words:. Do people really get totally naked?

My mind was riddled with assumptions; hung up on baseless cliches and preconceived notions. So being the empirical researcher that I am, I did what any person would do.

Amazing clothing optional beach at Lake... - Secret Cove Beach

Unfortunately, the article results only left me wanting. It was time to move onto the next option: So I grabbed three of my closest friends and embarked on a journey into the unknown.

No peeing in public. Secret Cove does not want to be found.

erin andrews pantyhose

It was as beautiful nudist it was elusive. The beach was decently populated. As we passed two naked men standing in the water chatting, I beach what one would say to the other. There we stood, laughing nervously as our eyes scanned the scene.