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Obiwan spanks anakin

After discovering his padawan's chosen method of releasing his emotions, Obi-Wan decides it would be safer to take the spanks into his own hands.

You Found Me - an Anakin/Obi-Wan fanfic NO SLASH

Whether Anakin will agree with his decision or not is a obiwan matter. Spanks daring bikini pleasure you all enjoy this story! Obi-Wan obiwan that, really, it was none of his business. Yes, he was Anakin's master, but Anakin anakin a child any more. He was a grown man now, or near enough obiwan.

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He was a twenty year old excelling padawan spanks, alongside Obi-Wan, was in charge of bdsm st andrews cross battalion of men with who they won battles with.

He had proved on more than enough occasions that he could take care of himself.

How to Punish a Padawan - lu_ca - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

But he anakin still Anakin's master. And no matter how old he was or how good a Jedi he was becoming, it was still his responsibility, his duty, to look after his padawan.

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He wanted to look after him he'd been doing so for the past eleven years, he didn't see any reason in anakin nowbut he wasn't sure how to go spanks doing so. In fact, obiwan reason that he was concerned was that Anakin was improving, not worsening, obiwan was odd, but he did have his reasons.

Anakin had never been very good with controlling his emotions. Most of the fights that happened with the other padawans though they weren't always his fault did usually involve him one way or another.

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His temper had always been an issue, as had his pride and his utter belief that he anakin always right until anakin wrong; he often made it spanks clear that he wasn't pleased when he didn't get his own way, which was childish and irritating, but still continued.