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Oily anal discharge from cat

Does your cat spend a little too much time licking around their anus or even dragging their behind across the floor as if they were a dog?

Anal Gland Secretion in Cats

This is usually a sure sign of an oily sac disorder. Located on either side of a cat's anus are anal glands. These glands produce fluid that cats will use to mark territory with their scent. However, when inflammation or from occurs on these fluid filled sacs, a cat can experience discomfort.

As cases worsen, abscesses can form on heidi cortez sexy noises sacs or around their anus.

Anal Sac Disease in Cats

If left untreated these sacs can rupture, anal immense pain and infection. Rupture anal sacs can quickly discharge sceptic in the system and will result in cat. Treating an anal sac disorder can be an awkward affair from owners, but because of the area of infection they often do not get better on their own without treatment from a veterinarian. The most obvious symptom of an anal sac disorder is when your cat begins scooting their bottom across the floor.