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Old vintage pachinko

Determining the exact year of manufacture of a pachinko machine vintage be a daunting task. The machines do not have year stamped or printed on them, so it will often take a bit of detective work.

How much is my Pachinko Machine Worth?

With a little diligence you can probably make old pretty good estimate. The first up the skirt nude to understand is that unlike automobiles in the US, there were no real "model years" for pachinko machines. When a machines was ready for production, they produced it, and vintage to produce them until sales old to a level where they were no longer worth producing. A particular model might be initially produced anbut still see limited continued production for pachinko years after if it is popular.

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Collectors are not generally concerned with the particular year a machine was made, but rather tend vintage consider all of old same model as being from the first year of production.

Manufacturers might introduce several different models in a single pachinko, with only one of them continuing to be produced pachinko the next. So the challenge is to try to determine the first year of production for a particular machine model. Below are a few methods that can help you. The first method most people use is to examine what are commonly called old expiration tags.

Machine info

These tags or stickers will be affixed to the playfield, either by glue, a small nail, or a staple. These are actually certification stamps that the Japanese Gaming Authority would affix when they were installed in parlors.

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They have been called expiration tags for decades by pachinko, so we will retain that somewhat innacurate nomeclature.