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Orgasm and placenta previa

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I just found out a week placenta 20 weeks that I had a complete placenta previa and was and on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy and my dr said "nothing in the vagina" but he said nothing about alternatives and orgasms and I wanted to know if anyone can give me advice about this? Also, he said he didnt want me soaking tiny pornstar kascha pics nude the bath tub, does anyone understand or previa why?

Well, I would assume that orgasms are ok I don't get it.

Orgasm and pelvic rest

I'm sorry about your placenta. I wonder, too, about the bedrest part. That seems previa, really conservative. Orgasm another mama who has had And will chime in. No fingers, cocks, or anything else "up there" unless it is done by a medical professional.

Orgasms & Placenta Previa

Have orgasm told you if its partial or complete? Placenta Previa does mean cesarean, but at times it can move and clear the way as the pregnancy progresses. I hope that happens to you.