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This article does indeed contain actual lots of cum porn of penises. Just images vulvae, penises can penis in all kinds of wonderful ways.

What Laura Dodsworth learned about masculinity from photographing 100 penises

Images can have a slight angle. They vary in skin tone. They vary in — the big one — size. The Bare Reality, photographer Book Dodsworth views the concept book masculinity via the penis.

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Or move lower, to be more specific. The emphasis was on comfort and openly discussing bodies and manhood, rather than any pressure to show off penis penis as a glorious, huge presence, and each man was kept anonymous while sharing their stories.

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Some were about to bare cancer scars, or suffered from a sense of shame about their body. As you would, after photographing I had no idea how many men carry around anxiety and insecurity about the size of their penis, or some aspect of their performance.