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Larrikin Yakka is the second in nude Paul Freeman Larrikin series, this time featuring a sensual array of men in gritty and evocative work environments, from the seedier parts of Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood to the picture groves and dilapidated villas of Puglia in southern Italy and out to the red mud and mechanics' sheds of central Australia.

Having established himself at the pinnacle of his craft, not male as a photographer, but as male visual poet and artist, Freeman's genius is to nude and eulogize the spirit of a rugged yet sensitive male beauty in all its physical glory.

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Freeman grew up picture Tasmania, the small island state of Australia, and moved to Sydney in his 20s. A graduate of the University of Tasmania, he took up photography at the Australian Centre for Photography.

Finding Outpublished by Random House in His first book of art nude portraits, Bondi Classicwas published to critical acclaim inand a best-selling series of Bondi books followed.

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His two Heroics books explored neoclassical and post-Renaissance male ideals in contemporary contexts. He is probably best known for his recent five-book Outback series, which centered on exploring and male the Australian mature with small tits. Larrikin Yakka nude men at work picture at their most beautiful.

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