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Polycrylic over latex paint

Post it right here!

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I've read many latex on doing over Polycrylic over Latex. Apparently, it's fuel resistant, or not.

Painting 101 {for furniture, walls and more}

It'll yellow, or not. It provides a strong finish, or not. I've decided to give it a try so I need to bring up another "it does, or not. You know, brush, spray, broom, etc. I called the Minwax people and, for their brand, they do not advise spraying, except for buying their spray can product.


Unfortuantely, I've never mastered spray cans - I end up with a poorly applied polycrylic loaded paint runs. So, those of you that have used polycrylic, how did you put it on? If sprayed, did U thin it? With what and how much?