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Rat piss disease symptoms

Leptospirosis is an infection caused by corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Leptospira. Up to 13 different genetic types of Leptospira may cause disease in humans. Efforts to prevent the disease include protective equipment to prevent contact when working with potentially infected animals, washing after this contact, and reducing rodents in areas people live and work.

This rare disease spreads through contact with rat urine. In New York, it has left 1 dead.

Piss is estimated that seven to ten piss people are infected by leptospirosis per year. Leptospiral infection in humans causes a range of symptomsand some infected persons may have no symptoms fat girls bbw all. Leptospirosis is a biphasic disease that begins suddenly with fever accompanied by chills, intense headache, severe myalgia muscle acheabdominal pain, conjunctival suffusion red eyeand occasionally a skin rash.

The first phase acute or septic phase ends after 3—7 days of illness.

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The patient is asymptomatic for 3—4 days until the second phase begins with another episode of fever. Ninety percent of cases of the rat are mild leptospirosis.

The rest experience severe symptoms, which develops during the second stage disease occurs as a single progressive illness.

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The infection is often incorrectly diagnosed due rat the nonspecific symptoms. Other severe manifestations include extreme fatiguehearing lossrespiratory distress, and disease.

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