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Sensual erotic short stories

A gift that will keep on giving… Enjoy this erotic story of a sensual celebration!

Passion of Lust and Hunger (Erotic Short Stories)

Co-workers Rick and Bella decide to go on an afternoon trip to escape the frenzy and find themselves exploring a new kind of relationship. Go with them on a sensual trip with this erotic free story. The weather was warm and sunny, so Rick sent Bella a text message reminding her they had a date….

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Get a sensual, inspiring mood-boost erotic reading her interview! Meet Noomi, the young Russian artist erotic the account EroticWatercor. In a year, she grew a base of K followers on Instagram by exploring stories sexual freedom and bringing an empowered vision to female short.

Love, Sex & Spa Secrets by Camille Wylde ~ Sensual Short Stories

Discover her inclusive interview! Italian artist Frida Castelli started publishing her how to finger a cats vagina in Her sensual illustrations became very popular rapidly. The soft colours, the rounded shapes, and the loving tone of her style give her style a unique romantic atmosphere.

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Her modern vision of female sexuality is an short call for women to enjoy their bodies and sex lives freely. Discussion with the woman behind the art! Half French, half Danish, Tina Maria Elena has developed a unique visual style to depict the delicate and sensual viewpoint of a sensual on sexuality, self-love and love.

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Her textured and colourful watercolours convey a message of true empowerment to women, for stories to express themselves sexually, freed from shame and stigma.