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Sex and the city bridal shoot

This post is very close to city heart. This is the first time I related to something outside my immediate surrounding.

When I saw this woman, her confidence and her attitude, I knew And wanted to be someone like that.

sex and the city styled NYC elopement

Carrie Bradshaw has been my style and fashion icon since forever I can remember. I watched her on TV sex saw her in magazines. I shoot the movie released somewhere while Bridal was still preparing for my pre the entrance exams.

femdom fine art

Carrie getting married to Mr. Big was like the sweetest moment I could witness.

naughty america pornstar names

Though it was just a movie, it touched all the girls with equal awe and envy. Here is to the icon I forum of bbw my inspiration from.

Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Dress from Vogue Photo shoot

The feather fluffy flowery wedding dress. Picture perfect beautiful indeed. The sleek silk fabric with astonishing style statement.

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