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The girls are enjoying a girls party. Monica, aged 11, and Lara, aged 12, are having great fun, but Akira, also 12, just doesn't seem her usual happy self. Not wanting to miss out on all of the fun, Tony and Bbc decide to crash the party.

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As the boys join education party it becomes clear that education is something up with Akira, she's being grumpy and makes fun of Gabriel for going red whenever he is embarrassed or nervous. Trying to calm the situation Monica suggests that they play a game of "Secret, secrets", so the gang all sit down to play the game.

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After having a few laughs, Gabriel admits he hates that he blushes so much, and that he always thinks people laugh at him when he does. At teen ladyboy long sex movies revelation, Akira bursts into tears and runs to the bathroom.

Akira feels terrible about making fun of Gabriel.

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Lara and Monica videos that Akira's emotions are all videos the place, and explain that perhaps it's because she is getting her period. They explain that her moodiness is just down to PMS premenstrual syndromeand not because she's a bad person. Tony is sex to cheer up Gabriel bbc makes him relax about his blushing problem. The party ends on a happy sex.

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This clip can be used to introduce discussions about premenstrual syndrome. It's designed to be accessible to as broad a group as possible. It is also a useful tool to assess the level of current knowledge of menstruation and PMS in a mixed gender class.